Artistic Director
Martha H. Stiehl

Bach Babes is a chamber music ensemble dedicated to sharing the joy, warmth, and excitement of Baroque music in an informal setting. Bach Babes is committed to excellence in performance and creating educational opportunities that make Baroque composers, social issues, and musical forms relevant to audiences of all ages.

Bach Babes was founded eight years ago by organist/harpsichordist Martha H. Stiehl, along with musicians from the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Their goal is to perform Baroque Era music in an informal atmosphere that allows audience participation, artistic freedom and spontaneity.

Bach Babes is comprised of the following artists: Andrea Wagoner and Rebecca McCulloch, violins; Helen Reich, viola; Elizabeth Tuma, cello; Katy McGinn, bass; Judith Ormond, flute; Margaret Butler, oboe; Jenny Gettel, soprano; and Martha Stiehl, continuo.

Variety in compositional styles, composers and ensemble grouping is the signature of Bach Babes programs. Solo, duet, trio, and ensemble music requiring up to nine performers can be presented. Most budgets can be accommodated through the Babes' versatility of size.

Repertoire of Bach Babes ranges from Baroque greats like Bach, Handel, Vivaldi and Telemann, to that of lesser known composers such as Elizabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre, Michel Corrette, Franz Tuma, and Johann Schickardt.

Bach Babes also presents programs in collaboration with other groups: chorus, dance, art museums, and historical societies. They have two informal education programs. One is targeted for children at the elementary school level, and one is for adult learners.

Bach Babes enjoys playing to full halls in their home, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They have received numerous reviews and accolades from the Midwest. Conductor Nicholas McGegan proclaims the Babes to be "Absolutely Fabulous!"

Visit the Babes' Website at Contact Bach Babes at #414-481-4129, telephone of Helen Reich, managing director.