Maurice Clerc
Maurice Clerc for nearly thirty years has been travelling all over the world in the pursuit of an outstanding international career as a concert organist with a total of more than 900 concerts and recitals. Today, he ranks among the top french organists and among those of his generation know for their defence and illustration of the french organ music representative of the repertoire, transcriptions and improvisations. From the beginning of his career and especially in his musical activities abroad he took great care to present the "Grand Repertoire" ranging from classical to contemporaneous music works next to french transcriptions, improvisations, and with a particular attention to the symphonic style of which he is an outstanding specialist according to his peers.

Maurice Clerc has visited four continents and his concert tours took him to famous places as well as to somewhat unexpected spots. Europe is his main anchorage and he is regularly welcome in the main capitals, concert centres and festivals in countries such as Spain (Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona) Portugal (Lisbon, Oporto) Germany (Frankfurt, Mainz, Lubeck, Munich) Poland (Warsaw, Oliwa) Hungary (Budapest) England, Italy, the Benelux and the countries of Northern Europe.

In France he was invited in Paris to give three recitals at Notre-Dame, two at Saint-Eustache Festival. He also played the organ at Summer Festival at Saint-Germain des Pres, Saint Augustin and regularly goes on tour across the French regions from Rennes to Monaco and from Strasbourg to Saint-Jean de Luz.

North America plays a significant part in his concert activities. To date Maurice Clerc has undertaken 19 concert tours in the USA and Canada totalling several hundreds of concerts often ending with some improvisations whether in Texas (Houston), New-York (St Patrick), Los Angeles (Cristal cathedral), Philadelphia or Chicago. He received numerous invitations from the AGO to give regularly master-classes and lectures at universities on various topics dealing with French music, transcriptions and improvisation.

As a guest in South America he also took part in various international gatherings either as a concertist or a lecturer at Buenos-Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paulo and Mexico (Morelia Festival).
In Asia, he went three times to Hong-Kong and, in 2003, he was a guest at the prestigious Cultural Centre. At the Taipeh Concert Hall he played, in 1987, twice for the opening of the new Flentrop organ. He went several times to Japan giving concerts at Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo (Mushashino Academia, ICU and he presented a concert programme at the well-know NHK radio-television station. In Korea, he took part in the Seoul Festival through master-classes and lectures. Lastly, in 1981, he went on an important concert tour in Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia with a total of 32 concerts. Several projects are under study with a tour in Mexico including concerts and a master-class. In 2006, Japan in april, USA in july and later in that year UK and Australia.

In numerous articles the world press praises Maurice Clerc’s brilliant technique, his faultless virtuosity as well as emotion strirred by his way of playing. His style quality is enhanced by a careful approach of his repertoire, a strict study of the works and a perfect knowledge of the registration so that the organ may sound and the music sing as they should.

Born in Lyon in 1946, Maurice Clerc studied the organ with Suzanne Chaisemartin at the Ecole Normale de Musique of Paris. After that, he studied at the Conservatory National Superieur of Musique in Paris where, in 1975, he obtained a First Price for organ in the class of Rolande Falcinelli. He continued his studies with Gaston Litaize and during four subsequent years he followed the improvisation courses of Pierre Cochereau in Nice. In 1977, he obtenaid the Prize for Improvisation at the Lyon International Competition.

In 1973, he was appointed Titular organist at the St-Benigne’s Cathedral in Dijon where is a prestigious historical organ built by Riepp in 1743. He also teaches at the Conservatoire National de Region in Dijon and during twenty years he was Assistant Lecturer at the Dijon University. Maurice Clerc has made numerous recordings out of which 11 CDs, (organ of Dijon Cathedral, Cavaille-Coll of St-Sernin in Toulouse, Kempten/Germany, Kuhn organ at Hofkirche in Lucerne/Switzerland) dedicated to Bach and other german composers but being regarded as one of the specialists of the french organ music of the 19° and 20° centuries, he also attaches great value to recording of the major works of composers like Franck, Vierne, Dupre, Fleury, Tournemire, Langlais, Pierre Cochereau’s reconstituted improvisations and a CD of french transcriptions from Berlioz to Faure.

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